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In 2014, State Farm Insurance in Illinois reported as the second highest in all states for hail storm damage. For that year alone, 43,821 damage claims were filed due to hailstones. The average lifespan of a single roof in Chicago is about 15 to 20 years compared to other states with milder weather. Midwest is known to have the most extreme weather event. They can experience strong storms during hot seasons to icy blizzards during the winter.

With the weather conditions in Colorado, even the most durable and high-quality shingle roofs can succumb to a ruthless hailstorm and high winds.

Looking for telltale signs of roof hail damage is more difficult than what it might seem. It is important to check for any damage as soon as the hail storm stops and document it well. Some damage found on your car and patios are mostly aesthetic. But checking the damage on your roof needs more than everyday skills. Homeowners hire professionals to identify wear and tear and repair roof hail damage in Elizabeth, CO. Insurance companies need this assessment before they can shoulder repair or replacement cost.


Checking hail damaged roofs

However, before calling a Franktown roofing company you might want to check these two parts in your home.


Check the EXTERIOR for Hail Damage

If you suspect any roof hail damage on your home, you may want to inspect it first before calling a certified roofing contractors in Highlands Ranch. In this way, you can list down some questions that may arise when filing a claim. Once a professional roofing contractor checks the damage, they can explain to you the difference of hail damage on your roofs from the usual deterioration. They can also give you a proper estimate of repair cost.

The professional roofing contractor will check for these signs of hailstones damage:

  • Dents or pockmark in shingle
  • Missing shingles Curling shingles or lifted part

A decent inspector will also consider every aspect of the damage on your roof before making any recommendations for repair or replacement. These professionals may even assist you in filing a claim with your insurance provider.


Look for INTERIOR DEFACEMENT from Roof Damage

Every after a storm you should stay observant for any signs of damage on your roof. Roof damage may show signs after several weeks or months after the storm. It usually starts when you notice some water logged damage. You can look for this early signs:

  • Cracked, peeling paint or wet wallpaper due to water seeping from damaged roof
  • Water stains on the walls or ceiling because of moisture in the walls
  • Mold or mildew begins to grow – particularly in the attic
  • Increase in energy bills because of damage to insulation
  • Visible water leaking on the beams, insulation or in the attic

It is important to check for early signs of hail roof damage to prevent further destruction of your house. You do not want to have repairs that your insurance policy won’t cover. It’ll only leave you having to foot the bill for emergency roofing on your own.