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Whenever hail storm occurs, you can expect storm chasers to flock the area offering the ‘best deals’. Stay away from these scammers as they do not have the right expertise repairing your roof, they are just there to get you money. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, and you need to only trust the best people to repair it.

Do not be a victim of roofing scams and always be cautious with scammers during winter or in any severe weather conditions. Here are the four common types of roofing scams to steer away from.

#1 The “Deal is Ending Soon” Roofing Scam

Best things in life come to those who wait. If someone knocks on your door or rings your phone saying that their lowest price or best offer will soon end, most likely they just a bunch of scammers. They are pressuring you to agree on something which they cannot work on, trapping you into a contract using substandard materials.

If the person tells you that the deal is about to expire and pressuring you to sign a contract, simply say no. A legitimate roofing company will only give you a sale or discount for what you need. They will give you time to decide on their offer and leave you their contact information to reach them. Do not fall prey on people not letting you decide properly or contact another roofing company for comparison.

# 2 The ‘Down Payment’ or ‘Partial Payment’ Roofing Scam

Legitimate roofing companies will have enough resources to get the job done without asking you to shell out money. If a roofing company asks you for a down payment to buy your initial roofing supply, don’t do it. This goes with some roofing companies asking you to sign a contract for them to process your insurance claims. A good roofing company will help you with the process of your claim, but will not take any payment from your insurance provider without your consent. If you signed that contract, you will lose all control of your claim.

Roofing scammer will even offer to pay your deductible to gain your insurance reimbursement. They tell you things that they can bill your insurance provider higher than their estimate so you can be compensated. But doing so is like participating in an insurance fraud. Keep in mind that these people will say anything to have you sign a contract with them.

# 3 The “Door-to-Door” Roofing Scam

Certified and reliable roofing companies advertise their expertise on the internet or other media facets. They want their potential customers to find them and not the other way around. If someone knocks on your door claiming they ‘noticed’ you have roof damage, most likely it is a scam. These people will tell the extent of your ‘roof damage’ and your insurance coverage even if they had not thoroughly inspected it. Once you talk to these people, again just say no and contact a reputable roofing company instead.

# 4 The ‘Storm-Chaser’ Roofing Scam

After a storm hit your area, expect some people randomly knocking on doors about your roof problems. These scammers will infiltrate storm hit areas and take advantage of the situation. They will offer stressed residents a ‘free’ inspection and show pictures of damage roofs. But most likely these pictures are fake or from someone else’s roof.

Do not fall prey on flyers in your mailbox that says limited ‘free inspection’ or ‘free estimate’. This is just to get your attention and your money. If you really need roof repair or replacement, contact a legitimate roofing contractor with years of experience dealing with the problem. Do not gamble on these people who would only take your money and leave you with substandard material, that is if they even get the work done.