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Whether we are building a bathroom, custom kitchen or a luxury retreat we commit to your vision while minding the details. Our dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional workmanship and quality products tends to create a bond with our clients and team members that results in a friendship lasting much longer than the construction project.

It is our goal to exceed the expectation of honesty, quality and commitment. We pride ourselves on timely clear communication and the ability to inform our clients so they understand the process and products they are receiving. The team at Bear Paw is more than qualified to handle any of your construction and remodeling needs.

The Bear Paw Promise

We will treat your home and family with the utmost respect.


We will be punctual and communicate schedules.


We will strive for perfection.


We will perform a daily clean-up of your project.


We will use the best products and highly trained employees.


We will return your calls promptly.


We warranty our workmanship.


Making the most of your unfinished basement space is one of the simplest ways to increase the value of your home. With a basement finish, you can add a large amount of usable square footage without the need to pour new concrete, add a new roof, or build exterior walls – as in the case of a standard home addition. Because of their high energy efficiency, Bear Paw’s beautifully finished or newly remodeled basements can serve as a great place to escape from the heat of summer or to cozy up in the winter.

Your basement does not have to be dark and dreary. With the right combination of finishes we can make it feel just as bright and comfortable as the rest of your home. We can even install high efficiency egress windows to make use of the natural light. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, we have a basement but we don’t really use it anyway.” You definitely would if it were finished to your specifications and designed with the best possible use for your needs in mind. How could you maximize that space? Have you always wanted a man cave or a fox den? Maybe you could really use a wet bar and a pool table for entertaining guests.

Or is it a family theater room, a home gym, or a playroom for the kids that you would get the most use out of? Whatever style you need, Bear Paw has the expertise to make that dream a reality. We can also provide you with custom cabinetry and innovative storage solutions to keep your clutter out of sight. Don’t waste your basement space with only storage when you can have the best of both worlds!

Is it time to update your bathroom? Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in any home and updating this small amount of square footage can really make your dollars count. Bear Paw has years of experience in coming up with creative problem solving methods to transform outdated or poorly designed spaces into beautiful, comfortable rooms with maximum efficiency. We can also add brand new bathrooms to existing space which will greatly increase the resale value of your home.

Our expertise ranges from moderate single family homes to multi-family commercial units and luxury resort condominiums. Our design team will consult with you to pick just the right finishes for your tastes. Want a beautiful tile bench or recessed tile shelving in you shower? No Problem. Would you like to add a ceiling downpour showerhead or handheld sprayer? We can do that.

Or is it a family theater room, a home gym, or a playroom for the kids that you would get the most use out of? Whatever style you need, Bear Paw has the expertise to make that dream a reality. We can also provide you with custom cabinetry and innovative storage solutions to keep your clutter out of sight. Don’t waste your basement space with only storage when you can have the best of both worlds!

A lot has changed over the recent years, but one thing has remained a constant: people love to gather in the kitchen. If that’s not the case in your home, maybe your home is trying to tell you something. What does your kitchen say about you? Bear Paw’s custom kitchen design team can help find the right solution for you. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to create a space that they will get maximum enjoyment out of for years to come.

Our expertise is ready to work for you to design custom cabinetry and countertops that will flow with your operating style in the kitchen. We can design and build your kitchen so that every aspect compliments the others, from energy efficient appliances to lighting solutions and finishing touches on the faucets and cabinetry. Bear Paw can take care of everything – including the kitchen sink! Invite your friends and family to share your beautifully designed new kitchen and make some memories that will last.


Bear Paw Construction is not only a remodel and restoration company, we are a fully licensed general contracting company with over 20 years of experience in new construction. Our team can care of whatever new construction project you may need. We build custom turn-key homes, additions, garages, barns and workshops.

When you’re looking for a contactor to work on your home, some companies may believe “good enough” is good enough. We believe you should expect more. Since the beginning, Bear Paw has been defined by a dedication to the craft. The quality of our work speaks for itself. The Bear Paw name has become synonymous with a dedication to the highest quality and we work hard to keep it that way. Call us today to discuss your project!


Bear Paw is not just another “blow and go” painting company. We believe that a home’s beauty is best represented in the details and nowhere is this more apparent than with the craftsmanship in painting. We specialize in both exterior and interior paint projects. Painting your home is one of the best ways to get dramatic results and update your home with very little expense.

Your home’s exterior paint does not only add cosmetic beauty but is also the first line of defense against the elements – protecting it from deterioration and keeping the destructive force of water out. Anyone can paint, but few do it right. As always, we offer free painting estimates. Hire us for your next painting project and get it done right the first time.


Bear Paw construction offers the finest quality in masonry and stucco installation. We can handle projects as small as stone and cultured stone columns or as large as grand fireplaces for luxury homes.

We also install stone floors and pavers, exterior stone wainscoting, and full stucco exteriors. Stucco and stone provide your home with protection from the elements for years to come with minimal upkeep. Nothing says “built to last” like stucco and stone.

Window design and technology has improved dramatically over the last ten years. Are your heating and cooling dollars going right out the window? If your home does not have quality built and efficiently designed windows, all of that money and energy is being wasted. The insulation value of a wall is only as high as its weakest spot and for many homes, that weak spot is its drafty windows. For storm restoration, remodeling projects, new homes, or anywhere quality windows and doors are desired, Bear Paw Construction can deliver. We use multiple suppliers to provide our customers with a wide range in all the top quality window products to choose from. Even the best windows can lose their value immediately however, if they are not installed correctly. We understand the importance in what your windows provide and we give the care to make sure the job is done right. Bear Paw construction can help you find the right windows for your home and ensure that the installation process is flawless.
Bear Paw Construction & Roofing LLC was founded on the simple philosophy that quality and budget are equally important; neither can be compromised. Our main goal is to deliver quality craftsmanship and products with an affordable budget. Bear Paw is a local, family-owned company operated by Josh Pollard in Englewood, CO. It is his knowledge and professionalism that support the company's growth and success. Josh brings over 20 years of construction experience to every project.