How do you assess your roof hail damage
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Colorado has the second highest number of claims for hail damage. This is according to a 2016 National Insurance Bureau Crime report. This is because Colorado has its own hail season. This damaging period runs from the middle of April to the middle of August usually. But hail season can start earlier and last longer. This is due to the sudden changes of the season and the range of temperature.

Hailstorms are bad for businesses and the country. Losses due to hailstorms average around 15 billion dollars each year. This monetary loss is also actually growing each year as well. These hailstorms have cost Colorado a lot of damage. Over 3 billion dollars in insured damage since the last decade.

That is why it is an absolute necessity to assess your roof if it sustained any kind of damage from a hail storm. Your roof can still sustain damage no matter how short the hailstorm is. Damage can be categorized into two. First, it can be damaged that is easily seen. Second, it can be damaged that is latent and will flare up in the long run. It is the second kind of damage that is the most dangerous. Only a trained expert can assess the latent damage. This is because latent damage will affect the whole structure of your roof and home.

To help you assess if your roof what really mean the services of an expert roofing company, here are a few things that you may want to know.

  1. For your safety do not go to your roof by yourself. Look for any dents in your gutters. If there are no dents in the gutters, proceed to the gutter screens. If there are no dents there as well, then proceed to the downspouts. Since the area where the granules or materials that are washed away flow to the gutters, that area would be an excellent candidate to be assessed first. If you can find any dents, then your roof has definitely sustained some damage. For that reason alone, you have to contact a roofing company.
  2. If there are no dents to your gutters, then it will be best to proceed to the windowsills. Your windows can be quite damaged due to the fact that hailstorms can pour down at an angle where the roof cannot protect. If you found any cracks or fractures of the structure of your windows, there is a very big chance that your roof also sustained damage.
  3. After the gutters and the windows, you can take a look at your roof. You do not need to climb your home. What you can do is get a pair of binoculars and do an ocular inspection. If you can see any cracks or fractures, then the damage is definitely big enough to warrant the help of a roofing company. This is because latent damage which you cannot see by the naked eye is also present.

It is always a good idea to ask for professional help. Your roof is a very important part of your home and you must protect it so that your roof can also protect you. If you have any concerns about the structure of your home especially your roof, you can give a call to (303) 694-7663 for BEAR PAW CONSTRUCTION.