Identifying the Signs Of Hail Damage On Roof in Denver
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Identifying the signs of hail damage on your roof can be hard especially if you haven’t done it before. But if hail has really damaged your roof, your house can be susceptible to roof leaks and rapid deterioration of roofing materials or shingles.

If you are unsure of what you’re doing, you should contact and get the help of a professional roofing contractor. But if you want to do it yourself, remember to practice safety all the time. Do not get on top of the roof unless you have the proper safety gear.

Things That Show You Hail Damage To Roof

Damage To Your Mailbox

You should check out if there are damages to mailboxes. This might indicate that your roof was also hit hard.

Damage To Your Downspouts And Gutters

You should check out if there are dings and dents in your downspouts and gutters. Hail storm damage show up as small dimples and dents in downspout and metal gutters.

Damage To Sidings

Check the sidings of your house for dents, paint chips, splatter marks, cracks, and holes. This will be obvious during heavy hailstorms. Here’s a great tip. For aluminium sidings, you should soak them in hose water before taking a picture. This will make the damage more obvious.

Yard Signs Of Roofing Contractors

If you see yard signs of roofing contractors around the neighborhood, this might be a sign that your roof might be damaged due to the hailstorm too. Don’t forget to contract a reputable contractor instead of a less expensive, less experienced one.

How To Check Hail Damage To The Roof At Ground Level

Shingles That Are Blown Off

You should check out for loose or broken bits of shingles that might have fallen off around the ground. If you see shingles around the house, you might have damage on the roof.

Indicators Of Hail Damage On Your Roof

Deformation Of Gutter Leaf Guard

You should look out for deformation or tears in plastic or metal leaf guards and screens on gutters.


Granules will break loose due to hail damage. If you have seen shingle granules around your gutters, this is a sign that you have hail damage on your roof.

Roof Vent Dents

Lightweight metal composes these roof vents. Thus, dents in metal vents and crack in plastic vents mean your roof was damaged by hailstorms.

Satellite Dish Chipped Paint

Check out if there are spatter marks, chipped paint, and damaged components of the satellite dish.

Dented Roof Fascia/ Metal Flashing

You should look out and inspect metal flashing located around chimney or vents. You should also inspect if there are dings and dents in fascia. These things are actually easy to notice.


Check if there are cracked or broken glasses in your roof’s skylights.

Shingles That Are Missing

Check for shingle tabs that have been blown off. Also, look out for any missing shingles on your roof.

Finally, if you think your roof is damaged, don’t forget to contact your insurance company for roof insurance claims. In addition, make sure you hire the right contractor for the job.