Here's How to Identify Hail Damage on Roof- Highlands Ranch
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Hail, even though small in size, can actually cause damage to your roof. You may not be aware of it since it is not visible from the ground. However, when your hail is damaged, you can find yourself in a long, tedious process of having it fixed and having your insurance cover the claim.

So how do you identify hail damage to your roof? Here’s how it is done…

Of course, you should put safety as a priority. First, you should have a good pair of roofing boots. Make sure your ladder is in perfect condition. Plus, bring a chalk with you to help you identify and mark any roof damages. Don’t forget your camera too! It is important that you take safety into account as you might get injuries when you are at heights.

Signs Of Roof Damage Through Hail

First, you should look for dented gutter screens, gutters, and downspouts. You should look for both small and large dents on these.

Second, look for damage on windowsills/ casings and sidings. Check out for signs of impact on these parts of your property. If there is a significant damage to your roof, there will most likely be damages to these parts as well. Look for exposed metal surfaces (e.g. metal fascia on roof eaves). These might be damaged by hail as well.

Third, you should check out if there are damages on air conditioners and other items located outdoors. It is important that you look out for every damage possible on your home. An air conditioner might be covered by the insurance company too. It is your duty to list every item that was damaged due to hailstorms.

Fourth, Check out damages incurred by painted wood surfaces or decks. Chipped paint might be the result of impact from hails.      

Damage To Shingles and Roof Vents

Once you are on the roof, you should check out vents, sky lights, shingles, chimneys, and other features that might be covered by the insurance company. The most important thing to check are the shingles because these are more likely to be covered by insurance packages. It is a reason for a solid insurance claim.

Hail damage can actually be difficult to assess. However, in some cases, it might be very obvious. If granules on your roof shingles have come loose, it is best to check it out. When granules on shingles have come off, the shingle’s integrity is compromised. Water leaks can actually develop over time which can lead to severe damage to a home’s interior. You have to take pictures of these damages to file a document to your insurance company.     

Wooden shingles are easier to spot. They split in the middle after being hit by hail. A metal roofing will have dents due to hail impact similar to that of gutters. Plus, clay and slate roofing will have gouges and/or cracks.   

It is important to remember that as soon as you spot all these damages, you should take a picture and keep it on file. This is to have evidence or proof when filing a claim with your insurance company.