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Over the years, Denver and the rest of Colorado has experienced severe weather conditions. The city and its state may have a beautiful sunny day in the morning then get blustered by a hailstorm come early evening. And when in Colorado, the crazy weather doesn’t stop at just keeping you indoors. Homeowners should not make mistakes that keep a home from receiving proper storm damage roof repair in Denver.

Roofs take most of the beating from severe weather conditions. If unsure whether your roof needs repair or replacement, call on us to give you the best advice. To get the most out of your roof repair, here are some tips from the experts.


Avoid Roofing Scams

There are three common signs of roofing scams.

  •    The “roofers” show up on your doorstep as soon as the storm subsides. Do not allow them to check your home or roof. Instead, ask them about printed information about their repair cost and for their company license. Check their license number, if they are from out of state, they are most likely scammers.
  •    If they offer to pay your deductible or pressure you to sign ‘deals that will end soon’, simply say no. Legitimate roofing contractors will give you time and let you decide on their offer without pressuring you. They will only include services for what you need.
  •    The professional roofing contractor will provide you with licenses, contact information, complete address and customer testimonials. If these ‘roofers’ can’t provide you that information, just say no to their offer.


Compare Roof Estimates

Look for certified roofing contractors and get their estimates. When getting estimates, ask them the roofing materials they are going to use. Always go for quality. Better materials may cost a little more but can withstand severe weather conditions with minimal or no damage at all. You can compare notes with the adjuster’s estimates and negotiate with your insurance provider if they fall short. Make sure your roofing contractor is willing to coordinate with your insurance provider for an even smoother claim process for getting hail damage roofing in Parker.


Check the Roofing Contract

In 2012, the government passed the ‘Stormchaser’ law which requires roofing contractors to draft a contract for you. It protects you from unnecessary headaches and legal matters. Remember that it is a binding contract so take time to read and comprehend everything on it. A contract should include the roofing company’s name, tax ID, address, and other information. It should also tell you information like:

  •    A detailed summary of the work to be done, a time frame for their work, and scope of work.
  •    Materials to be used, including the manufacturer and color of the roof cover, underlayment, and protective membrane and roof installation methods.
  •    Estimated start and completion dates.
  •    The warranty of the materials used and what is or not covered under it.
  •    How are they going to dispose of unused materials.


When the Work Begins

Once the contract had been signed you still want to check on the progress of your roofing contractor. You want to check if they are going to install the right materials you agreed upon. It is important to have your adjuster inspect the work before your sign a certificate of completion.

Wherever you are in Colorado, whether you need roof restoration for frozen rain in Castle Rock, Denver, Colorado Springs or anywhere else for that matter, follow these tips to make sure the job gets done right. Or give us a call at the number posted at the top of this page to ensure you get the roofing professionals you need.