4 Ways You’re Handling Your Hail Damaged Roof Insurance Claim Wrong
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Colorado probably gets more hail storms than any other states in the US. Some hail stones may not cause alarm but others can get as big as tennis balls, which leave behind a good deal of damage. at some point, residents may eventually have to file an insurance claim for storm damage roof repair in Franktown.

Most insurance companies cover hail damage repair. But it is important for you to know how to handle such claims for a smooth transaction from filing a claim to getting your roofing contractor paid. Here are some of the most common mistakes regarding filing that insurance claim. If you can, avoid committing the following:


1. Waiting too long before calling your insurance provider to file a claim

Today, most insurance companies have a one-year period for homeowners to file their claim. However, some may have as little as six-month claim period. To make sure what your homeowner insurance policy states, call them as soon as a storm hits your home. Inquire about your contract to find out how much time you have to file your claim.

In any case, file a Parker hail damage roof restoration (or wherever you live) insurance claim as soon as possible. Your agent will ask you specific questions about the damage. Filing it immediately will help you remember certain facts like the date and time of the storm, the strength of the storm according to the weather report and the likes. Giving this information to your insurance provider will give a better chance of approval for the claim. Also, delaying the repair can further damage your home, as water can leak from the punctured roof.


2. Fear of having your Insurance Policy Cancelled or Increase on your Rate

As long as your claim is supported by honest and concrete evidence, you should not worry about this at all. When you paid for a valid repair, your insurance provider should give you compensation, which is your right. Typically, some insurance providers will raise their rates after serious storms that cause severe damage for many of their clients whether or not they filed claims.


3. Thinking that shingles or siding manufacturer’s warranty will cover hail damage

If you still have a warranty on your shingle roofing or sidings, you might think it is cover under a manufacturer’s warranty. Sadly, natural events are not included with these warranties. The manufacturer can only cover any production defects and if the materials are not installed properly. But if you have the opportunity of choosing your roofing material, go for quality as it will mean a greater chance of withstanding severe weather conditions. Ask your contractor about what is the best material when repairing your storm damaged roof in Castle Park.


4. Giving up after your insurance provider denied your claim

If your insurance provider denied your claim, you may still have a chance to dispute the decision and get it approved. You can hire a reputable external inspector to validate your insurance claim. Some adjusters are new in the field and may not be able to detect signs of hail damage roof. In some instances, there are a number of hail damage insurance claims and too few adjusters to inspect all of them. They may be in a rush or too tired to fully inspect your home and that they cannot report the damage accurately. If you think that the decision is unfair, you can still appeal the decision. You even have the right to hire a lawyer to reconsider your insurance claim.


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Filing an insurance claim involves talking to the right people who have years of experience. Call Bear Paw Roofing and we’ll meet with the adjuster if need be. We will discuss the hail damage and explain display why your claim should be honored. Having an experienced roofing contractor can make a big difference in getting your insurance claim approved and we’ll be glad to help.