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What To Look For

1- Look at the metal parts of your roof, like vents, flashing or gutters. Metal especially soft metal will show impact spots and often reveal how big the hail was.

2-Grab a safe, stable ladder.
Wear shoes with lots of traction.
Set the ladder system up to your home.
Have someone securing the ladder or just there for safety in case you need help in the event of a fall.

3-Examine the ridge cap of the roof. Since it’s flat it will absorb the majority of the trauma from hail.

4-Check out the shingles. Examine the whole shingle as well as the edges for signs of damage or wear.

5-Search for missing sections in the asphalt of the roof. Sections of shingles that have revealed black substrate often indicates the asphalt has been torn off due to blunt force or possibly wind.

6-Look for indentations in the shingles. Dimples or dents from hail are not always visible. Sometimes you need to use your hand to feel for any damage. If there is a dip in any of the shingles, use light press to push down on the dimples to see if there is any flexing of it. If it does give, this is typically a sign that a shingle is beginning to wear.

7-Look for obvious fracturing of the shingle. Larger hailstones can achieve velocity rates of 110 mph. Anything hitting that fast with substantial weight can cause massive and obvious damage.

If you spot hail damage you can opt for the DIY method or call a trusted roofing company near you.

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