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How a thorough Roof Inspection can help you gauge the hail damage

A comprehensive roof inspection will help your homeowner’s insurance company in verifying the extent of the hail damage in your home. Hail, as nature’s extraordinary phenomena, can create havoc in your roof no matter how small it is. This ‘small’ damage can degrade the shingles or metal roof over time and water can infiltrate your home.  Fortunately, an inspection can prevent any further hail damage in your home and is the first step in filing a claim in getting your roof repaired or replaced.

Roof Hail Damage

Only a comprehensive and thorough inspection can fully assess hail damage on your roof and in the exterior of your home. Professionals who do inspections probably belong to insurance companies or roofing contractors. However, even if hail damage is prevalent and costly in the US, there is still a vague criterion for identifying hail damage on roofs. Many industries, especially insurance companies have their own policy for covering such damage. Most industries do not question severe roof hail damage as they are the most evident but a hail of lesser degree may need a thorough inspection.

Inspection for Roof Hail Damage

In most cases, hail damage is evident but since hail storm varies in severity, so does the extent of the damage. A roof inspection can help verify and assess the hail damage on your roof. Getting one from a certified inspection can even make your insurance claim process effortless. Because most insurance providers need to ensure significant hail damage before they can pay for any repairs or full replacement of your roof.

Roof Inspection Assessment

The primary objective of any roof inspection is to better understand the hailstones damage on your roof. While most inspectors will look for several damages, they all agree to look for these three things:

  •    Signs of hail damage in shingles like chipped areas or faded grains
  •    Any water damage signs because of hailstones
  •    Any pot marks and how devastating they are

Most insurance can only covers for hail damage but not from poor maintenance of normal wear and tear on your roof. It is important to note that inspections should be as thorough and accurate as much as possible. If the insurance provider does not ‘see’ any apparent hail damage, they will not be able to pay for the repair or replacement cost.

Who Does Roof Inspection?

Insurance companies will most likely hire their own roof inspector to help them verify such claims. However, you can still get a free estimate from another roofing contractor for the same purpose. This will give you a kind of leverage if your insurance provider does not consider the damage sufficient enough for a claim.

It is important to get an experienced roofing contractor with extensive experience in insurance claims. Consider getting a roofing contractor whose expertise lied on hail damage which you can also communicate easily. Hiring the right team in getting your roof hail damage verified makes a huge difference in getting that claim.