Hail Damaged Roof Insurance Advice in Highlands Ranch
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If you just got hail damage to your roof, you might be starting to assess it. If your roof is not damaged, then that’s good for you. However, if you find out that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, you might be confused as to what to do.

The entire process of handling your insurance claims, dealing with adjusters, and ensuring you are reimbursed for your coverage is actually tedious. You might be confused as to how filing claims work, how processes move from start to finish, and what documentations are needed.

For home insurance companies, roofs are the most significant part of the house. Once it is damaged, it leads to a high percentage of claims. Thus, insurance companies are obliged to scrutinize roofing claims carefully. They expect insurance owners to shell out the proper documentation and information necessary to process claims.

Finding Out The Coverage Of Your Policy

The best way to find the coverage (and non-coverage) of your insurance policy is to call your insurance provider. There are policies which take your roof’s age into account at the time it is actually damaged. As an example, if your roof is about 10 years or less, your insurance company might have coverage for the full cost of repairing or replacing the roof’s damaged portion during the time of the claim.

However, if your roof is about 11 years or more, the insurance company might only reimburse you for the damaged roof’s depreciated value. This depreciated takes into account various factors such as the wearing and aging of your roof. This means the roof’s value has actually decreased prior to any damage it has experienced.

Some insurance companies or policies don’t take the age of your roof into account. They will only cover the roof damage up to its depreciated value. Other policies though, will cover the entire cost of repairing or replacing the section of the roof that was damaged without regards to its age.

Insurance companies usually send a roof inspector to your house for investigation and verification of your claim. If the roof contractor determines that the damage is from aging and wear and tear, the insurance company will not cover this under your policy.

Provision Of Documentations For Roof Claims

It is best to take “before” photos of your property including your roof. This allows you to undergo an easier process when it comes to claims. Whenever you have repairs or maintenance work done on your roof, update these photos. After a hailstorm, when damage occurs, capture a set of “after” photos of your property. You have to make a documentation and a record of the damage. In addition, you have to take note of all the estimates, bills, and invoices you have received. If you have all of these information in your file, you will have a smoother and less tedious claims process.

It is best to choose a roof contractor that will help you all throughout the roof insurance claims process. Make sure you choose a contractor that has extensive experience with hail damage and roof insurance claims.