How does your insurance cover for roof hail damage?
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The state of Colorado is one of the most visited places in the country for hailstorms. That is why the home insurance policies in the state of Colorado are quite different from others. A big chunk of the home insurance premiums would go to hail and wind insurance policies. This is because Colorado is in the so-called Hail Belt. From mid-April to mid-august, there will be quite a lot of hailstorms and strong winds. It is not surprising to see that Colorado has the second most number of claims for damages. This is due to the presence not only hail but also strong winds. Colorado has received around 3 billion dollars as payment for insured damages. That was just the payments sent within the last 10 years alone.

Hail and wind damage are usually treated as one. That is because of that special situation of Colorado. Wind damage is usually described by insurance companies as winds that exceed 60 to even 65 kilometers per hour. Hailstorms are described as a thunderstorm that has strong winds that go upward. The temperature then forces the water droplets to freeze. They get frozen enough that they form layers of ice. Hailstones are roughly the size of peas most often than not. But, there are times that water droplets are frozen enough that they form into hail that can be as big as a golf ball.

Most if not all of the time home insurance coverage will definitely pay for property damage from wind or hail. A strong storm can pass through your area and make even uproot trees and branches. This flying debris might get thrown away and hit your homes. That can result in property damage. The same principle also applies to hailstorms. Hailstorms are in a sense quite common. This is because the hail season can last from almost five months to half of the year. Sometimes, it lasts even longer than that. Collision from hail can damage not only your roof but also your windows and other appliances and furniture outside your home. What is interesting to note is that the more dangerous kind of damage is the one that is latent. These are damages that are not easily seen by the naked eye.

Latent damage is dangerous simply because it may go unnoticed. Latent damage together with the usual wear and tear will make your roof lasts a lot shorter than it should. This is the reason why latent damage is very dangerous. That is also another reason why home insurance premiums here in Colorado can be a bit more expensive. The home premiums in Colorado are calculated differently from other states in the country. If you have home insurance, there is a very high chance that your roof is covered for hail damage. Just take note that some insurance policies do you have a deductible. If you think that your home or roof might have sustained damage, call for professional roofing companies.