The Right Way to Assess Hail Damage to your Roof
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Assessments, inspections, and investigations are standard operating procedures for claims for hail damages. There are a lot of important information that most of the homeowners do not know about home insurance. This is particularly true about damage from hail and proper procedures and processes. This is very clear with regards to home insurance as well. Most home insurance providers will refuse to renew home policies if the roofs are older than 2 decades. A few of them will still continue to renew.  That is if the roof or home that is 20 years old passes the investigation of the insurance company. But most of the time, the said insurance companies will not offer new insurance for the older homes.

There is another thing that you should know about. Those home insurance companies will not replace the roof but will reimburse. The reimbursement will actually be the value of a roof that is 20 years old or older. That means the amount that you will receive will be quite lesser than what you expect.

There is a good thing about home insurance in Colorado. This is due to how specialized home insurance policies are. Most home insurance companies would also offer a special service like a rider. Your home insurance policy may also cover water damage. This rider is offered because hail and strong winds are accompanied by rain most often than not. Do note that other home insurance policies will only cover reimbursements in two scenarios. Either the depreciated value of your roof is given if it is 10 years or older.

The second scenario is the insurance company will repair or replace the damaged sections only. Do note also that insurance companies will also send their own inspectors. What the inspectors would do is relatively simple but has a big effect on your claim. They will investigate if the damage is from the usual wear and tear or poor conditions or if it was really due to hail and wind. If it was determined that it was the usual wear and tear, it will be usually considered under the home insurance policy as normal maintenance. And most often than not, normal maintenance is not covered by your home insurance.

That is why big emphasis must be given to assessments. It is recommended that you do your own ocular inspection first. Do this after a very strong hailstorm and if it is safe to go outside. Take a high definition camera or any good image recorder that you can use to gather enough evidence. A video camera would be fine as well. To get shots of your roof. F the quality of the picture is not that good, you can also use a video instead. What is important is that you have documentation of what happened directly after a thunderstorm or hailstorm.

Most often than not, the debris and layers that are damaged may be swept away or covered by the elements. It is in your best interest that you have a direct footage or evidence of the damage after the said hailstorm. If you can, replace any broken or worn out shingles. Home insurance policy claims can take some time. That is why it is better to repair now and let your roof live longer then wait for reimbursement. If you have documentation about the repairs that you did, you may also ask for reimbursement. The repair and replacement is important as well so that the damage will not spread out.