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Hail is absolutely unpredictable. One moment, you’re cruising along a route on a warm summer day, the next moment, you hear tinkly noises on your car roof. A second later, there’s large “whap!” sound and you have a dent in your car roof from a chunk of hail the size of a tennis ball.

It can happen in virtually any season. So long as the conditions are right, water in the air is pushed up to freezing heights. Soon, the water turns to ice and either fall straight down, or blow by the wind to somewhere unexpected. So when the unexpected does happen, what can you do to fix your car roof?

Four Ways to Fix Dents

You’ll most likely encounter dents after a hailstorm. There will be a small scratch or two, but those will pale in comparison to the dents caused by heavy chunks of hail. Here are a few ways to fix dents on your roof, and around your car in general.

  • Heat and Cold Method

A really popular home remedy for small bumps and even slight large dents. It involves applying heat or cold to the dented part of your car. It can be as simple as parking your car in a warm place with direct sunlight. Eventually, heat will cause the metal to expand. This will stretch the warped steel and hopefully pop it out.

Another good method is to put scalding hot water or a hairdryer. Use this with caution though as it may cause discoloration on your car’s paint. Water is least likely to cause discoloration but is less effective than a blow dryer.

If heat doesn’t work, then turn to cold. Take a small chunk of dry ice with gloved hands or tongs and circle it around the dented area. The cold will make the metal contract. Hopefully, it will make the dent pop back into shape.

  • Dent Kits

There are a variety of kits out there. Some come as pairs of small suction cups, while others are big suction cups for big dents. Then, there are others that are cleverly shaped adhesive stickers. A dent kit is something you should consider to always have in your garage.

This is especially useful if you happen to live in places where hail happens all year round. These kits are affordable and easy to use, so even if you don’t have hail where you live, it’s still worth having.

  • Auto and Body Shops

If you have a car, you ought to have car insurance which can make this process more affordable. If the hail damage in your car is a bit too much for you, or you can’t get the time of day to fix it, then take it to a body shop. Here they can work out the dents, clean off the scratches and have your car polished if you wish.

Depending on your insurance and the body shop, you can have your car fixed at an affordable price. You may even have it repaired with the only cost being the gas you spent to get in and out of the shop.