What You Should Know About Making a Hail Damaged Roof Insurance Claim
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With all the details behind hail roof damage repair in Highlands Ranch and other areas of Colorado, information about how filing a claim can sound intimidating. Different stories circulating about hail roof damage only seems to ever add to the confusion. In the hopes of clarifying at least some of it, we’ll be breaking down some myths and offering facts to wrap your head around.


Myth #1

Hail roof damage claims are only valid for a year.


Most insurance companies will give homeowners one year to file a claim after the loss or incident. Some may only have six month time period, but every insurance company has its own policy. The only way to find out is to call your insurance provider. However, because of the extensiveness of storm damaged roof repairs in Elizabeth and other areas with similar hard-hitting storms, some companies may extend their filing date.


Myth #2

Insurance companies can only pay for the sections of the roof that are damaged.


This is a multifaceted claim. It may or may not be true as there are certain conditions where your roof needs a complete replacement depending on the damage. It is important to contact a reputable roofing contractor in Colorado to distinguish and provide insurance companies with pieces of evidence of the hail damage on your roof. Their estimate and confirmation will make a big difference whether your insurance provider will approve or decline your claim.


Myth #3

When inspected, the roof won’t show any hail storm damage since I can’t see it.


Damage caused by hail are hard to see with the naked eye. You should hire a professional contractor with experience in determining any roof damage caused by storms. Even insurance companies send their employees (adjusters) to a particular training to properly assess hail roof damage. Only a professional can see with their trained eye any damage caused by hail. In some cases, they can even distinguish ‘fake’ hail damage. So beware.


Myth #4

My roof has very little damage and I don’t need to bother filing a hail roof damage claim.


Any damage, no matter how small, can cause bigger problems in the future if left unrepaired. Tiny cracks will let water seep into your roofing support which decays and may collapse. Getting a good roofing contractor can give you a sound advice about filing an insurance claim.


Myth #5

I don’t see any missing shingles so the roof still looks okay after hail damage.


Missing shingles are often associated with wind damage. But it can sometimes happen during hail storm damage if accompanied by high winds. Having a few shingles missing on your roof is not necessarily an indication that hail roof damage has occurred, but it’s also not always the case if there aren’t any missing. There are a lot of considerations taken into account and a roofing contractor can properly educate you on your roofing problems. A good roofing contractor will even help you file an insurance claim, but only if it’s required.


Myth #6

My insurance policy will get canceled if I file a claim for hail damage to my roof.


Most states forbid insurance companies in revoking or denying homeowners with their claims. It is best to check your state regulations and your insurance policy, but what’s the point of having insurance if it won’t help you when you need it most?