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Copper Roofs are beautiful. They are timeless, they are also a bit more expensive than your average shingled roof.

In 2014, a single hailstorm produced more than $213.3 million in home and auto insurance claims. But the greatest insurance claim recorded was July 20, 2009, a hail storm which cost insurance companies almost $768 million in claims. But the most memorable insurance claim was from the hail storm of 2014 due to multiple storms.

Hail storms can severely damage properties, particularly roofs, sidings, and gutters. Most roofs are built using shingles, tiles, and even metal. In some cases, eco-friendly architects design their houses with copper roofs. Copper is well-known in the roofing world as a great roofing material. It is used in various architectural elements like roofs, flashings, gutters, and downspouts.

Copper is one of the oldest metals used by man dating back more than 10,000 years. An average single-family uses at least 439 pounds of copper between home, computers and cars. Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing materials have an average 15 to 30 years lifespan. But copper roof can last more than 100 years. This makes this semi-precious metal a cost-effective roofing material. Copper creates a natural patina as it age which serves as a protective shell when exposes to the elements.

Things To Avoid When Doing Copper Roof Repair

The largest standing-seam copper roof in the US, probably the world is at Domino’s Farm Office Park located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The roof measures 2,897 feet and 209 feet wide at its widest point. The grandeur of the place is fitting as it serves as the world headquarters of the famous pizza chain.

However, copper can still corrode when exposed to saline solutions, alkaline solutions, and other chemicals. In a rural setting, copper roofing can decay at rates of around 0.4mm in 200 years. But in rare cases that you may find yourself needing to fix your copper roof, there are some things you should avoid.

Copper Roof Tips

When doing some DIYs on your roof, keep mistakes at a minimum. As mistakes can cause more serious damage to your home, costing you more for repairs. That is why it is always best to contact a professional roofing contractor to do this job. But if you want to get your hand dirty and do some physical activity, then try to avoid these three things at all costs.

1. Not Taking Safety Precautions Too Seriously

Think safety first, always and in everything you do. Before you climb to your roof, make sure your ladder is secured and positioned at a stable point. Look for a chimney post or any flat concrete at the side of your house which can withstand your weight. Tying your ladder in your gutter will not do you any good, it can even dent your gutter as you climb up to it.

2. Not Getting the Right Copper Material

The worst you can do to your copper roof is not getting the right copper material and then the metal pieces do not match. To avoid this, take a small piece of your roof to find the identical material for it. This can help you in finding the best color match for your roof.

3. Not Soldering The Metals

Like any other metal repair roof, expect to do some soldering. Before you climb up on top of your home, take your soldering iron and put on your safety gear. Some repairs may even require you to add roofing cement to have your roof water proof.

Doing the work might save you money, but with all the intricacies of copper roof repair, it is always a good idea of contacting a professional roofer. A single major mistake in repairing this kind of material may cost you more money and can even further damage your personal belongings.

Bear Paw Construction & Roofing serves the greater Denver metro area for emergency hail damage roof repair. We work with your home owners insurance to make sure you get the best customer service and roof in a timely and affordable manner.