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We all make mistakes, from ordering the wrong decaffeinated coffee to as big as getting your roof fix. It takes a lot of time and effort finding a good and reliable roofing contractor. As you try to make the most out of your money, a lot of things can happen to try to get the work done.

To avoid the same mistakes as others do, here are some of the most common roofing mistakes.

#1 Doing DIY instead of getting a professional roofing contractor

You probably read a lot of this tips saying ‘get a professional roofer to the job’. It is not just an advertisement to let you hire one but it is the reality when getting your roof fix. If you think you can save your hard earned money in DIYs, you are wrong. In the long run, improper installation of shingles can cause water leaks and molds forming in your roof support. Repairs for this kind of damage cost more, and most insurance companies do not cover for it.

A reputable professional roofing contractor will provide you with the best materials that can withstand most hail storms. They may be expensive at first but is very cost-effective in the end.

# 2 Putting new shingles over old ones

Do you want a shortcut for installing new shingles? Overlap new shingles over old ones, but prepare to suffer the risk. You would only do this to save money on labor but it comes with very expensive risks. Weather-beaten shingles can hide tiny holes which can still seep using the new shingles. In this case, installing them on top of each is like wasting money.

Roofing contractors take their time meticulously tearing off the old shingles to install new ones. This will make a sturdy protection of your home from Mother Nature’s unpredictable temper.

# 3 Improperly using nails

Installing shingle tabs require the right amount of nails and properly securing them in the support. This simple method can extend the lifespan of your roof. Roofing contractors recommend using nails number of 4 to 6. To secure the shingles properly, number 6 nails are used. However, some dishonest roofer will try to lessen the cost as much as possible and use substandard nail quality. In their urgency to finish the job, they use too few nails to secure shingles and not even driving them through the nailing strip.

# 4 Ignoring Repairs

Hail roof damage no matter how small it is should be taken seriously. Failing to do so can result in bigger problems and more expensive repair costs. Experts always recommend calling your insurance provider as soon as a hail storm hits your home. These ‘minor’ repairs can get bigger as time passes by. Delaying important repairs can further damage your home. You do not save money delaying these repairs; you are only letting these damages to get bigger and more expensive.

# 5 Hiring ‘Storm Chasers’

After a storm hit your area, you will be surprised with a number of people offering your their ‘best deals’ of the season. These people are known as Storm chasers, they go whenever there is a storm-stricken area, gets the resident’s money, and goes away for good. Storm chasers are scammers who would pressure you to sign a contract or pay upfront. Once you did, you are bonded in their contract, without a room to maneuver. These roofers will only use substandard materials with no warranties, that is if they even start working on your roof.

These mistakes are all too easy to avoid. You just have to call a reputable roofing contractor who would give you estimates and gets the job done, right, the first time.