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Bear Paw Install Right System ™
  1. Free Bear Paw inspection
  2. Exclusive Risk/Damage Report provided to you the same day as the inspection
  3. On site/same day estimate for any and all repairs
  4. Manufacturer Material Discounts
  5. Installation – Beyond Manufacturer Specifications and Building Codes to ensure the best possible installation
    1. Upon Shingle tear off we perform a 25 point inspection examining for dry rot and leaks not visible prior to tear off
    2. Bear Paw includes up to 2-4x8 sheets of OSB plywood on every job to repair rotten or soft decking
    3. 1” “Nail Zone” with Ring Shanked Nails
    4. Our Synthetic Felt
    5. Fully adhered granulated Ice & water underlayment installed at Valleys
    6. Accessory Customization to Match the Roofing material
  6. Trained and Certified Crews – Workmanship Evaluated on EVERY Job
  7. Exclusive Bear Paw Home Protection System
    1. Removal of Personal Property from areas where it could be damaged
    2. “How to prepare for a Construction Job” handout for every customer
    3. Cover decks, pools, and patios
    4. Protect Garage Doors/Siding areas where from falling debris scrapes
    5. Neighborhood Safety System
      1. Caution Tape around the perimeter of the property
      2. Vehicle Cones to mark work zone and create awareness
  • Roll the yard with a magnetic roller to pick up and loose nails or metal
  1. Clean, roof, gutters and surrounding areas of all debris throughout project
  1. Bear Paw clean up guarantee; If you are not satisfied with the clean-up, We Will Fix it!
  1. Bear Paw’s Final Inspection and quality control guarantee
  2. Written 5 year Labor and Workmanship Warranty
  3. Manufacturer’s Warranty
  4. Certificate of Completion and Notarized Lien Waiver
  5. Written care and maintenance plan